What Is the Dark Web? Everything You Need To Know

The dark web is a part of the internet that is hidden from public view. It's accessible only by using special software, and it has gained notoriety for being a hub for cybercriminals.

The Onion Router, known as Tor, is one way to access the dark web, and it was originally designed to communicate with American intelligence officers. To this day, U.S. federal agencies still help fund the Tor Project to support user anonymity and bypass censorship.

The dark web is often associated with illegal ac

What Are Smishing Scams? Definition and Examples

Smishing (a combination of the words SMS and phishing) is a socially engineered scam where cybercriminals use fraudulent text messages to manipulate people into sharing private information. Then cybercriminals can use that information to steal money.

And it's a popular tactic. Americans received 10.89 billion spam texts in August 2022 alone. Even the IRS recently warned of a rise in texting scams impersonating the IRS.

Unlike email, your mobile phones don't have strong filters to block text me

What is a DDoS Attack? Types, Responses, and Prevention

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack sends massive volumes of traffic to a network, server, or system until it becomes nonfunctional. A DDoS attack is a subcategory of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. But instead of only having one source, a DDoS attack uses multiple sources to execute its assault.

The goal is simple: Send so much traffic that the system becomes paralyzed by it. But the motivations of the cybercriminal can vary. Here are a few reasons why DDoS attacks are used:
• Hack

Business + Marketing

How to Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences [2023 Guide]

Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a sophisticated matchmaker between your brand and new fans — and a powerful advertising tool. You tell Facebook the characteristics of your favorite customers, and Facebook recommends a new target audience filled with prospects that meet your criteria.

Ready to find the audience of your dreams? Read on to learn how to create a Lookalike Audience for your Facebook ads, plus tips that will help you find the best match.

A Facebook Lookalike Audience is a custom adv

13 Chrome extensions for productivity—and how to choose | Zapier

There are hundreds of thousands of Chrome extensions. And there are almost as many people telling you which of those Chrome extensions are the best for productivity. I'm here to add my hat to the ring, but remember: these aren't the best. These are the ones that fit my workflow—you need to find the ones that fit yours.

I love the idea of a , but you might not be a crazy cat lady like me. So before I dive into the Chrome extensions I find the most helpful, here are some tips to discover which on

How to Make Money on Pinterest [7 Strategies for 2022]

If you’re a little lost on how to make money on Pinterest, then keep reading to learn how to turn the visual discovery engine into a revenue-generating machine.

Pinterest recently reported a 6% decrease in global monthly active users year over year. Does that mean it’s losing its relevance? Hardly.

Pinterest still has 431 million users across the globe. And that audience is consuming almost 1 billion videos per day on Pinterest. The revenue opportunities for businesses and influencers are unde

Meta for Business: How To Get the Best Results From Each Platform

During the second quarter of 2022, 3.65 billion people were using at least one Meta product each month. That’s nearly half of the world’s population. Arguably, no other brand has a larger reach, which makes using Meta for business an absolute must.

Part of the reason why Meta changed its name from Facebook was to better represent the multiple products under its umbrella. Meta has several core products including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

While there’s a large audience, not e

The best 4 choices for your Wordpress store locator — Zenlocator

Did you know that 61% of consumers prefer to visit a store to get their item immediately instead of shopping online? According to the same 2021 survey, nearly three-quarters of consumers also browse products online before making the drive to a store. Online brands must use store locators to meet their audience's shopping habits. It can bridge the gap between online window shopping and a purchase. If you sell on WordPress, there are many store locator plug-ins to choose from, and not all of them

Product Management

What is customer retention rate and how to calculate it

Retention rate is a metric to measure the percentage of customers who continue to use a product or service within a specified period. While many product managers focus on quickly gaining new customers, it doesn’t do much for overall business growth if customers as quickly leave it.

Simply offering an excellent product is usually not enough to gain new customers and retain existing ones. Other factors, such as customer support, UX design, and competitors, may affect your ability to have a high r

5 product feature prioritization frameworks and strategies

One of the biggest decisions a product manager has to make is how to prioritize features to build. That’s where feature prioritization strategies and frameworks come in to save the day.

Prioritization frameworks are an essential part of a product manager’s tool kit because they aid in facilitating clear communication and making efficient product decisions.
• Which feature prioritization strategy should you adopt?

Product feature prioritization is the process of determining which features the t

What metrics and KPIs do product managers track?

Choosing the right metrics and analysis methods to track them can make the difference between delivering an OK product and delivering a great product.

In this guide, we’ll give an overview of how product teams define KPIs and use data to measure the success and health of their product. We’ll list some specific metrics product managers commonly track and describe several types of analysis your team can use to pull actionable insights from that data.

Finally, we’ll offer some tips to help you de

What is a sprint review? Meeting agenda example and overview

The sprint review is part of the scrum framework for product development and management.

Knowing how to run a sprint review is a prerequisite for any product management or ownership role, but it’s important to make the ceremony more than just a demo of work completed during a sprint.

The sprint review should foster team collaboration and evaluate whether progress is being made toward realizing the product vision. Otherwise, the meeting can devolve into rote presentations and your team will mis

What Are Product Features? Definition, Examples, and 5 Types

According to Tim Cook, Apple CEO, “A great product isn’t just a collection of features. It’s how it all works together.”

Features make a product, and product managers know they need to implement the right features that will boost adoption rates while also having a favorable ROI. It’s a balance between customer satisfaction and product vision that can be difficult to obtain if the proper research and prioritization aren’t done.

What are features of a product? While some product managers may lis

What Is Stakeholder Management & How To Manage Stakeholders

Product managers want to lead collaborative and successful projects throughout the entire product life cycle. But the more people that get involved the harder it is to manage their expectations, interests, and opinions.

Stakeholder management can help you develop your relationships with stakeholders and ensure that you have a satisfying communication and engagement plan with them.

A critical component of running a successful project is to involve key stakeholders in the process. Product manage

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