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13 Chrome extensions for productivity—and how to choose | Zapier

There are hundreds of thousands of Chrome extensions. And there are almost as many people telling you which of those Chrome extensions are the best for productivity. I'm here to add my hat to the ring, but remember: these aren't the best. These are the ones that fit my workflow—you need to find the ones that fit yours.

I love the idea of a , but you might not be a crazy cat lady like me. So before I dive into the Chrome extensions I find the most helpful, here are some tips to discover which on

What is a DDoS Attack? Types, Responses, and Prevention

A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack sends massive volumes of traffic to a network, server, or system until it becomes nonfunctional. A DDoS attack is a subcategory of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. But instead of only having one source, a DDoS attack uses multiple sources to execute its assault.

The goal is simple: Send so much traffic that the system becomes paralyzed by it. But the motivations of the cybercriminal can vary. Here are a few reasons why DDoS attacks are used:
• Hack

Meta for Business: How To Get the Best Results From Each Platform

During the second quarter of 2022, 3.65 billion people were using at least one Meta product each month. That’s nearly half of the world’s population. Arguably, no other brand has a larger reach, which makes using Meta for business an absolute must.

Part of the reason why Meta changed its name from Facebook was to better represent the multiple products under its umbrella. Meta has several core products including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

While there’s a large audience, not e

I worked with Sara on a large content initiative and she was a huge help. She regularly turned content briefs into clean, clear, and concise copy on various technical topics. She was easy to work with, very responsive, and flexible with the occasional tight deadline. Highly recommended.

Lee Prindle

Sara has been a great asset for our B2B healthcare blog for nearly two years. She's never missed a deadline and never said no to any assignment. She can take a vague outline or idea and spin it up into a well written post for your site. She's dependable, consistent, a great writer, and easy to work with - what more can you ask for?" 

Chloe Bowen

Sara is a huge asset to our team. She produces really solid content and is always extremely responsive. Our clients have been impressed with the quality of the blogs Sara has written. If you need a content writer, I would highly recommend Sara."

Matthew Roda

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